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Magic Power

Which cameras and accessories are compatible with the Magic Power battery?

The Magic Power battery is designed specifically for use with the following Blackmagic Design cameras and accessories:

•   Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k
•   Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
•   Blackmagic Production Camera 4k
•   Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4k
•   Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
•   Blackmagic Video Assist
•   Blackmagic Video Assist 4k

How long will the Magic Power battery power my camera?

The longevity of the Magic Power battery varies some depending on camera settings and powered lens use. Shooting in RAW format with an autofocus lens, the Magic Power will last approximately 3.5 hours with the Blackmagic Cinema and Production Cameras, and will last approximately 7-8 hours with the Blackmagic Pocket and Micro Cameras.

What accessories do I need to connect the Magic Power to my camera?

Everything necessary to connect the battery and power your camera or Video Assist is included with the Magic Power battery. The Magic Power includes two different power cables, one for connecting to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and another cable for connecting to all other compatible Blackmagic Design cameras and accessories (see full list of compatible cameras and accessories above).

For connecting to Blackmagic Micro Cinema and Micro Studio Cameras, it’s necessary to use the breakout cable, one of the included accessories for these cameras.

How long does the Magic Power battery take to charge? Does the light turn green when it reaches full charge?

Because the Magic Power battery typically comes fully drained of power, the first charge of the battery can take much longer than subsequent charges. Although the initial charge can take up to 18 hours, with even semi-regular use, charging the battery should only take 4-5 hours after the initial charge. When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator light will turn from red to green.

NOTE: In order to charge the Magic Power battery, the battery switch must be in the “ON” position and the charger plugged into the “IN” port at the front of the battery.

How should I mount the Magic Power battery to my camera rig?

Because every camera rig is different, the Magic Power battery was designed with the intent of allowing limitless mounting configurations. The Magic Power battery is fitted to a mounting plate with multiple standard (1/4-20) and over-sized standard (3/8″) threaded mounting holes, enabling the user to connect the battery to their rig at different points, depending on need. The Magic Power battery also includes a 1/4-20 mounting screw, enabling the user to mount the battery directly to the camera or camera cage.

However, some users find this setup to be cumbersome, especially when mounting the battery directly to the camera gets in the way of other accessories.

Our recommendation for mounting accessories varies depending on the way in which you use your camera. For rail rod setups, we recommend a 1/4-20 rail clamp (such as this one: https://amzn.com/B006TAO7CM). These are inexpensive and available at most photo and film equipment retailers.

For tripod or monopod use without a rail rod system, or use on a gimbal or other stabilizer, we recommend an adjustable 1/4-20 clamp (such as this one: https://amzn.com/B00E5M39AW ). This will allow for the battery to be quickly connected directly to a stabilizer and easily rearranged during a shoot.

For handheld shooting, we recommend connecting the Magic Power battery directly to the camera or camera cage using the included 1/4-20 mounting screw and nylon washer.

Ursa Power Kit

What’s included with the Ursa Power kit?

The Ursa Power kit includes everything you need to power your Ursa or Ursa Mini camera. The Ursa Power kit comes with a high capacity, li-ion, v-mount battery, a v-mount plate that connects natively to the Ursa and Ursa Mini via the camera’s inner power connection (no exterior cables required) and a smart charger to safely charge your v-mount battery with no memory effect.

What cameras are compatible with the Ursa Power kit?

The Ursa Power kit was designed specifically for use with the Blackmagic Design Ursa, Ursa Mini 4k and Ursa Mini 4.6k cameras. The v-mount plate can also be connected to any camera that accepts a standard v-mount plate, including most Sony cinema cameras, and can power any v-mount-capable camera via a standard d-tap cable (not included).

The Ursa Power kit and included Vee Block (v-mount battery) can be used to power Blackmagic Design’s other camera offerings, as well, including the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Production Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Micro cameras. These cameras can be connected directly to the Vee Block battery or to the v-mount plate via a d-tap-to-DC cable. This cable is not included with the Ursa Power kit but can be purchased from other vendors, such as Amazon or B&H Photo.

The included Vee Block (v-mount) battery can be connected to any standard v-mount plate and can be charged with any v-mount charger designed for li-ion batteries.

How does the Ursa Power kit connect to my camera?

The Ursa Power kit powers the Blackmagic Ursa, Ursa Mini 4k and Ursa Mini 4.6k via the camera’s internal power connection and is connected with one simple, snap-in Molex terminal. The Ursa Power’s v-mount plate is then attached to the rear of the camera with four small, phillips-head screws fastened to the camera’s existing threaded inserts.

The Ursa Power kit can be connected to other v-mount-compatible cameras with the same four small, phillips-head screws fastened to the camera’s existing threaded inserts. In order to power the camera and accessories, the v-mount plate’s d-tap output can then be connected via the appropriate cable. Juicebox offers a d-tap-to-four-pin-xlr cable that will fit many camera designs. Find it here and be sure to check your camera’s documentation to see what type of power connection it requires.

How long will the Ursa Power kit power my camera?

The duration of which the Ursa Power kit’s battery can power your camera before needing to be recharged will vary based on the following factors:

•   The accessories used with your camera, including EVF’s and zoom and autofocus lenses.

•   The recording format used.

•   The amount of video capture during any period (cameras consume more power when recording).

Juicebox’s estimates of battery life are based on camera usage with a fully charged Vee Block battery, powering the camera and autofocus lenses, recording in RAW format at full resolution and with intermittent (~30%) video capture with the camera turned on for the duration of the use period. Under these conditions, the Ursa Power kit is estimated to last 3.5 hours on a single charge with the Ursa camera and 4 – 4.5 hours with the Ursa Mini 4k and Ursa Mini 4.6k.

How long does the included battery take to charge?

Depending on the discharge level of the battery, the included Vee Block (v-mount) battery can take up to five hours to charge with the included smart charger.

Can I use a different v-mount charger to charge the Ursa Power’s battery?

Yes, the included Vee Block (v-mount) battery can be charged using any v-mount charger intended for li-ion batteries.

Can I connect and use different v-mount batteries with my camera using the Ursa Power’s battery plate?

Yes, the Ursa Power’s battery plate will connect any standard v-mount battery. However, for best fit and function, we recommend using Juicebox’s Vee Block batteries with the Ursa Power’s v-mount plate.

Vee Block Battery and Charger

Is the Vee Block battery compatible with my v-mount system?

The Vee Block battery is compatible with all standard v-mount systems, including those offered by all major camera and camera accessory manufacturers. The Vee Block battery is designed to fit all standard v-mount plates and the voltage output is compatible with all standard v-mount systems.

Is the Vee Block compatible and safe to use with my camera?

If your camera accepts standard v-mount battery systems, the Vee Block battery is compatible with your camera, both in voltage output and fitting to third party battery plates.

The Vee Block battery is compatible with many non-v-mount camera systems, as well, including Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Blackmagic Production Cameras, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras and Blackmagic Micro Cameras. Check your camera’s documentation; if it can accept inputs between 14-17 volts (i.e. the Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s requirement of 12-30 volts), it is compatible with our Vee Block battery. In many cases, a power adapter cable is necessary. Please see your camera’s documentation on power input to find requirements for the necessary cable/adapter.

What type of battery cells comprise the Vee Block battery?

The Vee Block battery utilizes Sanyo 3300mAh li-ion cells. We have found these to be the best quality li-ion cells available, with no memory effect and extremely low failure rates.

Will the Vee Block battery communicate with my camera?

The Vee Block battery has a built-in LED indicator that allows the user to see the current charge level of the battery. The voltage level of the Vee Block battery will also display in cameras with this capability, such as Sony cinema cameras and the Blackmagic Ursa and Ursa Mini. The Vee Block does not, however, communicate charge level percentages to cameras with this display capability.

Does the Vee Block battery have other power outputs?

Yes, the Vee Block battery has a standard d-tap output and a 5v USB output.

How do I know when the Vee Block is fully charged? And, how do I know when the charge is getting low?

The Vee Block battery has a built-in LED indicator that allows the user to see the current charge level of the battery. Just press the button on the side of the battery to see an LED display of the battery’s current charge level. Another indication of the battery’s charge level is the voltage output, displayed on some camera models.

Can I charge the Vee Block battery with a different v-mount charger?

Yes, the Vee Block battery can be charged using any v-mount charger intended for li-ion batteries.

Other questions?

We’ve done our best to offer the information you’re looking for here on our FAQ page. However, if you have a question that we did not answer above, or have feedback for us, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

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