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The DSLR Power battery outputs ~7.4V at a maximum of 2.0 amps. This is the most common, and nearly universal, voltage for DSLR cameras (7-9 volt range). Check your device’s DC input requirements to see if it is ~7.4V/2A compatible. The following cameras lines are fully compatible with the DSLR Power’s main output: Canon: Virtually all Canon DSLR cameras, including the R5, R7, 5D series cameras, 7D series cameras, and all Canon Rebel series cameras. Some Canon Cinema cameras, including C series cameras, require a 14.8V power source and are not compatible with the DSLR Power battery. Nikon: Virtually all Nikon DSLR cameras, including Nikon 700 series cameras, 800 series cameras, Nikon Z series cameras, the Nikon 7500, Nikon 3500, etc. If it’s a Nikon DSLR and you can purchase a dummy battery for it, our DSLR Power battery will power it. Panasonic: Panasonic DLSR’s are also compatible with our DSLR Power battery.  All Panasonic Lumix cameras that for which there is an available dummy battery are compatible with the Juicebox DSLR Power. This includes the GH series cameras, as well. Sony: Sony DSLR’s are compatible with the Juicebox DSLR Power battery. Some Sony DSLR’s can be charged through the camera’s micro USB input. This allows the DSLR Power battery to charge an installed Sony battery (when present in the Sony camera’s battery compartment) via the DSLR Power’s USB output. This includes the A7 series cameras. However, this charging method doesn’t always keep up with power demands, especially when shooting high resolution video. We recommend, in this case, using the DSLR Power’s main DC output connected with a dummy battery installed in the Sony camera

The DSLR should be connected to your camera via a dummy battery installed in the camera’s battery compartment. NOTE: For many DSLR cameras, the battery compartment door must be closed in order for the camera to accept power from the dummy battery. This means that the dummy battery cable must be run through the battery compartment’s cable flap, allowing the battery compartment door to close.

The DSLR Power battery’s main DC output is a female 5521 connection. Many dummy batteries utilize a female DC connection at the end of the dummy battery cable. In this case, a male/male 5521 DC adapter is necessary for the connection. Juicebox offers a number of dummy batteries for popular DSLR cameras. Our dummy batteries are fully decoded (display battery percentages on the camera’s monitor) and connect to the DSLR Power battery without the need for any adapters or extra cables.

If you’d like to check if your device is compatible with our DSLR Power battery and what connectors you may need, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!

The DSLR Power battery has a built-in quick release plate and, in the box, includes a corresponding quick release mount. This quick release mount will attach to any standard camera cage via an included 1/4-20 screw. It will also attach to a rod support system with a standard 1/4-20 rod clamp, available at all major photo/video retailers. Another option is to attach the DSLR Power’s quick release mount to the camera’s hot shoe mount using a male cold shoe to 1/4-20 adapter. The quick release plate, built into the back of the DSLR Power, locks onto the included quick release mount. This system allows for a secure mounting of the DSLR Power and a very quick and easy attachment and detachment of the battery to your camera rig.

The DSLR Power is capable of outputting up to 2.0 amps continuously and can run some compatible cameras and field monitors in combination. As long as the total power draw does not exceed 2.0 amps, the DSLR Power is capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously. In order to simultaneously connect two devices with DC inputs to the DSLR Power, Juicebox offers two different types of DC splitter cable. Our JBSC-02 cable ends in two male 5521/5525 (fits both sizes) DC barrels. Our JBSC-03 cable ends in two female 5521 DC inputs for connecting other cables or extensions.

The DSLR Power battery features a 5521 DC output that emits 7.4V at a maximum of 2 amps. The battery also has a standard 5.1 volt at 0.5 amp output for powering mobile devices.

The DSLR Power’s 7.4V DC output turns on automatically when a device is connected and drawing power. It also turns off when no power is being drawn. The USB port, however, needs to be powered on and off by double-clicking the small black button on the top of the battery. The LED light at the top of the battery indicates when the USB port is active. The LED light does not indicate whether or not the 7.4V DC output is active.


NOTE: It is important to power off the USB port when the battery is not in use. The USB output will continue to draw power even when no device is connected. When stored, this can over-discharge the DSLR Power’s battery cells to a point at which the cells can no longer be recharged and will need to be replaced.


The DSLR Power battery requires a minimum level of power to turn on or even accept a charge. If your battery has been in storage for an extended period of time or has been drained completely and will not power on or accept a charge, you will need to replace one or more of the internal cells in the DSLR Power battery. You can test the cells with a multi-meter to see which cell or cells are no longer emitting power (or at least 8 volts when fully charged). However, it is recommended that all of the cells be replaced at the same time. Use only 18650 li-ion cells with top buttons (protective circuits). All four batteries need to be of the same type and be sure to insert the cells into the battery in the correct position (positive or negative side of the cell down) according to the following diagram:

Yes, the DSLR Power can be charged with any charger that outputs 8.4V and has a male 5521 DC connection. We recommend using a charger that outputs at least 1 amp for faster charge time.

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