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Juicebox JBMP-02

Magic Power 2.0

Download the JBMP-02 manual here (PDF).

Below are some common questions and answers regarding the Magic Power 2.0 (JBMP-02):

What devices are compatible with the Magic Power 2.0?

The Magic Power 2.0 outputs 12V at a maximum of 2.0 amps. This is a very common voltage for cinema equipment. Check your device’s DC input requirements to see if it is 12V/2A compatible.

The following cameras are fully compatible with the Magic Power 2.0 cable connection and power output:

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 2.5k

Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4k

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4k

The following monitors are fully compatible with the Magic Power 2.0 cable connection and power output:

Aputure VS series monitors (VS-5, VS-5x, VS-2 and VS-1)

Atomos Inferno Series (Ninja, Shogun)

Atomos Flame Series (Ninja, Shogun)

Blackmagic Video Assist 5″

Blackmagic Video Assist 4k



Elvid RigVision

Elvid FieldVision 4KV2

Elvid SkyVision

FeelWorld 4K101HSD-256

FeelWorld A737

FeelWorld F7 and FH7

FeelWorld FW Series (FW1018S, FWF450, FWS450-M, FW759, FW760)

FeelWorld IPS

Glide Gear WLM 100

ikan D7w

ikan DH5e

ikan DH7

ikan Saga

ikan VL35

ikan VX9W-S

ikan VXF7

Lilliput 339 & 339DW

Lilliput 569/O

Lilliput 664 (664/W, 664/O/P)

Lilliput 665 (665/S/P, 665/O/P)

Lilliput 667GL70NP/H/Y

Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C

Lilliput 7″ 3G-SDI

Lilliput A7 & A7S

Lilliput Mopro

Lilliput Q5 & Q7

Marshall Electronics M-CT Series (MC, M-CT7, M-CT710, M-CT711)

Marshall Electronics V-LCD4.3-PRO-R

Marshall Electronics V-LCD70-AFHD

Manios MFM Series (777D, 777S, 777V)

MustHD M702S-4K

ProAm USA Iris Pro

SWIT S-1053F & S-1073F

ViewZ VZ-070PM-3G

Zacuto Z-EVF-1F

The following monitors are compatible with the Magic Power 2.0 but require an adapter for connection:

Atomos 4.3″ Ninja 2

Bon BEM-072H

Bon FM-055F

Convergent Design Apollo

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+

Delvcam DELV-HD7

Delvcam DELV-SDI-7 & DELV-SDI-10

Delvcam DELV-WFORM-7

Ikan VH8


Lilliput 663/S2

Lilliput 969A/O/P

Panasonic BT-LH910G

Sony LMD-941W

SWIT S-1093F

Transvideo Starlite

Transvideo U17TS0091A

TVLogic LVM-075A

TVLogic VFM Series (055A, 056WP, 058W)

VariZoom VZ-M5 & VZ-M7

Video Devices PIX Series (240i, E5, E5H, E7)

The following field monitors are not compatible with the Magic Power 2.0:

GeChic 1101P

Marshall Electronics V-LCD51

SmallHD Monitors (All Models)

Sony CLM-V55

Don’t see your device listed above? Contact us using the form at the bottom of our support page and we’ll be happy to let you know about its compatibility with the Magic Power 2.0.

What cables do I need to connect the Magic Power 2.0 to my camera?

The Magic Power 2.0 comes with all cables necessary to connect the Magic Power 2.0 to your camera. Included with the Magic Power 2.0 are two DC power cables, one cable that fits the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and one cable that fits all other compatible Blackmagic cameras and monitors.

How does the Magic Power 2.0 mount to my camera rig?

The Magic Power 2.0 has a built-in quick release plate and, in the box, includes a corresponding quick release mount. This quick release mount will attach to any standard camera cage via an included 1/4-20 screw. It will also attach to a rod support system with a standard 1/4-20 rod clamp, available at all major photo/video retailers.

The quick release plate, built into the back of the Magic Power 2.0, locks onto the included quick release mount. This system allows for a secure mounting of the Magic Power 2.0 and a very quick and easy attachment and detachment of the battery to your camera rig.

Can I power multiple devices with the Magic Power 2.0 at the same time?

The Magic Power 2.0 is capable of outputting up to 2.0 amps continuously and can run most compatible cameras and field monitors in combination. As long as the total power draw does not exceed 2.0 amps, the Magic Power 2.0 is capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously.

In order to simultaneously connect two devices with DC inputs to the Magic Power 2.0, Juicebox offers a DC splitter cable. You can view the product page for the Juicebox DC Splitter Cable, the JBSC-02, here: https://juicebox.direct/product/jbsc-01/

What power inputs and outputs are available on the Magic Power 2.0?

The Magic Power 2.0 has a standard, 5.5mm x 2.1mm, 12V/2.0A DC output. It also has a QC (quick charge) USB output capable of outputting 5V, 9V or 12V at 2.1 amps. The third output on the Magic Power 2.0 is a standard, 5V 2.1A USB output.

The Magic Power 2.0 also features a micro-USB input for charging the Magic Power 2.0 via USB charger. This method of charging may take several hours, however, while the included rapid charger will charge the Magic Power 2.0 in just two hours or less.

1. DC Port: 12V/2A for compatible Blackmagic Cameras
2. USB Port 1: 5v/2.1A output
3. USB Port 2: QC 2.0 quick charging output (5V, 9V, 12V at 2.1A)
NOTE: Only one USB output can be used at a time.
4. Micro Input: Charge Juicebox with micro USB cable
5. Display Screen: Displays voltage, capacity, wattage
6. On/Off: Power on/off and reset

Does the Magic Power 2.0 charge the internal camera or monitor battery? Will it work with no internal battery installed in my camera or monitor?

While connected to a compatible Blackmagic Camera, the Magic Power 2.0 will charge the internal/mounted battery. The Magic Power 2.0 is also capable of charging compatible Blackmagic cameras even when no internal/mounted battery is connected.

The same is true of most compatible field monitors, including the Blackmagic Video Assist and Video Assist 4k.

How do I power the Magic Power 2.0 on and off?

The Magic Power 2.0 is powered on with a single press of the ON button located on the side of the battery.  Once powered on, the Magic Power 2.0 will continue to power/charge the connected device until the Magic Power 2.0 is either disconnected or runs out of power. Pressing the ON button a second time will not turn off the Magic Power 2.0. To turn off the Magic Power 2.0, simply disconnect any devices from its power ports.

Can I charge the Magic Power 2.0 with a different charger?

Yes, the Magic Power 2.0 can also be charged with a micro USB charger. However, this charge method can take several hours. Charging with the included rapid charger takes a maximum of two hours.

My Magic Power 2.0 battery will not power on or accept a charge. What can I do?

The Magic Power 2.0 battery has an active circuit and requires a minimum level of power to turn on or even accept a charge via the battery’s DC input. If your battery has been in storage for an extended period of time or has been drained completely and will not power on or accept a charge, typically, the battery can be revived by charging through the battery’s micro-USB input. Once the Magic Power 2.0 has received several percentage points of charge through the micro-USB input, it can then be charged through the DC input and used as usual.

If charging your battery through the micro-USB input does not solve the problem, please contact us using the form at the link below.

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