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Juicebox JBUP-01

Ursa Power Kit (JBVB-01 v-mount battery, v-mount plate and rapid charger)

Download the JBUP-01 manual here (PDF).

Download the JBVB-01 manual here (PDF).

Below are some common questions and answers regarding the Ursa Power Kit v-mount plate and installation:


What cameras are compatible with the Ursa Power kit?

The Ursa Power kit v-mount plate is compatible with every camera in the Blackmagic Ursa line, including the original Ursa, Ursa Mini 4k, Ursa Mini 4.6k and Ursa Mini Pro. The v mount plate connects via the camera’s internal power port, hiding the wired connection behind the v mount plate.

The 150Wh v mount battery that comes with the Ursa Kit is compatible with all standard v mount systems.


Is it difficult to install the Juicebox v-mount plate on my Ursa/Ursa Mini? Is there support available?

Installation requires only a phillips screwdriver and takes just three steps. Four screws are removed from the Ursa camera, the v mount plate’s power connection is plugged into the back of the camera and the v mount plate is secured to the camera with four screws.

More detailed instructions are included with the Ursa Power Kit’s manual and, if you need any extra help, just email us at support@juicebox.direct and include your phone number. We’ll get back to you right away and we’ll be happy to call you and walk you through the installation.


Will other brands of v mount batteries work with the Juicebox v-mount plate?

Yes, any standard v mount battery will fit the Ursa Power v mount plate and will be compatible with your Ursa or Ursa Mini.


There are only two wires that connect the Juicebox v-mount plate to the camera. Should there be more?

Ursa and Ursa Mini cameras use just two contacts to power the camera, a positive connection and a ground. All other connections available on the camera and included with other v mount plates are not power connections but enable communication between the battery and the camera. This feature, which makes the battery’s remaining charge level appear on the Ursa or Ursa Mini display, is available only with higher end batteries. Juicebox batteries do not have this feature but, instead, utilize a built-in LED indicator to display the charge level of the battery.

The charge level of Juicebox v mount batteries can also be read through the voltage input displayed on the camera. At maximum charge, the Juicebox battery puts out about 16.8 volts. At about 13 volts, the Juicebox is in need of charging.



Below are some common questions and answers regarding the Ursa Power Kit JBVB-01 battery:

Are Juicebox v-mount batteries compatible with my v-mount device?
Juicebox’s v-mount batteries are compatible with all standard v-mount systems, including those offered by all major camera and camera accessory manufacturers. Our v-mount batteries are designed to fit all standard v-mount plates and the voltage output is compatible with all devices that accept v-mount batteries.

The JBVB-01, the v-mount battery included with the Ursa Power Kit, is capable of sustaining 10 amps of power draw at up to 16.8 volts, meaning that it is capable of powering multiple devices with a single battery.


Are Juicebox v-mount batteries safe to use with my camera?
 If your camera accepts standard v-mount batteries or has a v-mount battery plate installed, Juicebox’s v-mount batteries are compatible with your camera, both in voltage output and in the fit of our v-mount battery to your v-mount plate. Further, Juicebox batteries have extremely reliable, built-in overcharge and over discharge protection, keeping your camera and other devices safe from power surges or short circuits.

Juicebox v-mount batteries are compatible with many non-v-mount camera systems, as well, including Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and Blackmagic Production Cameras. Check your camera’s documentation; if it can accept inputs of 14.8 volts (i.e. the Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s requirement of 12-30 volts), it is compatible with our v-mount batteries. In many cases, a power adapter cable is necessary, typically a d-tap-to-DC adapter. Please see your camera’s documentation on power input to find requirements for the necessary cable/adapter. 


Why did my JBVB-01 v-mount battery shut off during use? How do I power it back on?

Juicebox v-mount batteries are designed with overcharge and over-discharge protection to protect the batteries and connected devices. If the power draw on the battery exceeds 10.4 amps, the battery will shut off. To reset and power the battery back on, connect the battery to the battery charger. If the Juicebox v-mount battery shuts off during use, it’s likely that the connected devices are drawing too much power from the battery.

If your camera rig requires several devices to be powered simultaneously, you may need to use more-than-one battery to power your camera rig.

If your Juicebox v-mount battery is shutting off during use and you believe it is not a result of a power overload, contact us at support@juicebox.direct for further assistance.


How do I power on the USB port on my JBVB-01 battery?

The USB port on the JBVB-01 battery can be powered on by pressing the LED indicator button on the side of the battery. This button turns on the USB port, which will remain on as long as a device connected to the USB port is drawing power from the Juicebox battery.


What type of battery cells are used in the JBVB-01 v-mount batteries?

JBVB-01 v-mount batteries utilize LG brand, 2600 mAh, li-ion cells. These cells have an extremely good reputation among power supply manufacturers and we have found these to be the best quality li-ion cells available, with no memory effect and extremely low failure rates.


Will Juicebox v-mount batteries communicate with my camera?

Juicebox v-mount batteries have a built-in LED indicator that allows the user to see the current charge level of the battery. The voltage level of our v-mount batteries will also display in cameras with this display capability, such as Sony cinema cameras, Blackmagic Ursa and Ursa Mini, RED and ARRI cameras. Juicebox v-mount batteries do not, however, communicate charge level percentages to cameras or chargers.


What power inputs and outputs are available on the JBVB-01 v-mount batteries?

Our v-mount batteries have a standard d-tap input/output and a 5V, 2.1 amp USB output. The d-tap output is an industry standard connection and outputs the same voltage and amperes as the batteries’ v-mount connection (14.8V, 10.4 amps). The d-tap port is also an input and can be used to charge the v-mount battery with the included Juicebox charger.


How do I know when the battery is fully charged? And, how do I know when the charge is getting low?

While your Juicebox v-mount battery is charging, the Juicebox charger will glow red. The charger’s LED light will glow green when your Juicebox v-mount battery is fully charged.

Also, Juicebox v-mount batteries have a built-in LED indicator that allows the user to see the current charge level of the battery. Just press the button on the side of the battery to see an LED display of the battery’s current charge level.

Another indication of the battery’s charge level is the voltage output, displayed on many camera models. When the Juicebox’s output dips below 14 volts, the charge is low and the battery should be swapped.


Can I charge Juicebox v-mount batteries with a different v-mount charger?

Yes, Juicebox v-mount batteries can be charged using any v-mount charger intended for li-ion batteries. Check your charger’s documentation to see if it is designed for use with li-ion batteries. Nearly all recent model v-mount chargers are designed for charging li-ion cells.



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